The Death Kiss (1932)


During the filming of a death scene of The Death Kiss, leading man Myles Brent is really shot and killed. Tonart Studios manager Joseph Steiner (Lugosi) is assigned to handle the situation. The studio wants to pass it off as a simple accident, but screenwriter Franklyn Drew (Manners) digs a bullet out of a wall and tells Homicide Detective Lieutenant Sheehan that it is a .38 caliber, while the guns used in the film are all .45s.

Sheehan finds a letter in the dead man’s pocket, in which Brent wrote to his lawyer that Marcia Lane (Ames), his co-star and ex-wife, would not sign a release as beneficiary of his $200,000 life insurance policy. Chalmers, an alcoholic extra with a self-admitted grudge against Brent for getting him fired as head gaffer (electrician), is spotted trying to dispose of a loaded .38, but Drew points out that the gun has not been fired.

Drew suggests they view the footage of the fatal scene for clues, but somebody knocks out the projectionist and burns the print using a cigarette with rouge on it. It is a special rouge normally used by only two women. One was away on location, making Lane the prime suspect. Before another print can be made, the negative is destroyed with acid.

While snooping around on the set, Drew finds a derringer mounted inside a lamp and electrically wired to be fired remotely, but he is knocked out and the gun taken. He goes to question Chalmers, but finds him dead beside a glass of poison and a written confession. However, Drew finds several clues that make him suspicious. Through more detective work, he discovers that the new battery of Lane’s car is dry, and battery fluid is poisonous. Meanwhile, Goldsmith comes to see Lane; she rejects his advances once again.

In Brent’s dressing room, Drew finds a letter from a love-stricken married woman named “Agnes” and a hotel room key. Later, in Steiner’s office, Sheehan takes Lane into custody; Drew spots a photo of a woman on the desk; the inscription reveals that Steiner’s wife is named Agnes. When Drew goes to the hotel, he finds out from a bellhop that Brent had been there with a woman; her husband was waiting, and the two men got into a fight.

The studio decides to finish the film (only the last, fatal scene needs to be shot), using a double for Brent and arranging for Lane’s temporary release. Drew finds out from the prop man that the guns were originally supposed to be .38s, but he made an unauthorized substitution. Drew takes him to Sheehan. Just as he is about to reveal who ordered the guns, the lights go out. (The murderer had overheard the conversation through a studio microphone.) After a gunfight and chase, the killer falls to his death. It is Avery, the director.

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film poszter

Rendezte: Edwin L. Marin

Producer: E. W. Hammons

Írta: Gordon Kahn, Barry Barrigan és Madelon St. Dennis

Megjelenes ideje: 1932 december 5 (a Wikipedia szerint) 1933 januar 8 (az IMDb szerint)


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A ‘The Death Kiss’ mufajat tekintve egy thriller. Edwin L. Marin rendezo elso filmje, amihez a Tiffany Pictures az egy evvel korabban nagy sikerrel vetitett ‘Dracula’ harom fo szereplojet is szerzodtette (Lugosi, Manners es Edward Van Sloan.) Eddie Martinrol itt olvashato egy erdekes kis iras:

Hollywood Filmograph (Dec. 3, 1932) hollywoodfilmogr12holl_0531.jpg
Hollywood Filmograph (Dec. 3, 1932)

1932 novemberenek elso feleben kezdodtek el a film forgatasi munkalata a Tiffany Pictures Sunset Bulevard-i (Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA) studiojaban. A filmbeli ‘Tonart Studios’ a valosagban egyebkent szinten a Tiffany Pictures studioja volt.

Nov. 5, 1932 - hollywoodfilmogr12holl_0471.jpg
Hollywood Filmograph (Nov. 5, 1932)
Nov. 12, 1932 - hollywoodfilmogr12holl_0489.jpg
Hollywood Filmograph (Nov. 12, 1932)



A film elozetes bemutatojan -1932 December 5-en- a vetitett kopia szamos Gustav Brock altal kezzel szinezett jelenetet tartalmazott. Mas forrasok szerint (pl. IMDb) a december 5-i bemutaton meg nem voltak szinezett jelenetek es azok csak a december 25-i eloadasra keszultek el. A film jelenleg ‘public domain’ statuszban van, mivel az  szerzoi jogok eredeti tulajdonosa nem ujjitotta meg a licenszet (ezert van oly sok gyatra minosegu es az ertelmetlensegig megvagott kopia ma forgalomban) George O’Hanlon elso filmje.

This film’s earliest documented telecasts took place in New York City Tuesday 20 September 1949 on WPIX (Channel 11), in Los Angeles Monday 31 October 1949 on KTLA (Channel 5), and in Cincinnati Thursday 15 December 1949 on WKRC (Channel 11). (forras: IMDb)

Adrienne Ames and Bela Lugosi- (Courtesy of Paul Seiler) - the-death-kiss-2.png
Adrienne Ames és Lugosi Béla (Courtesy of Paul Seiler)
Adrienne Ames and Bela Lugosi- (Courtesy of Paul Seiler) - the-death-kiss-4.png
Adrienne Ames és Lugosi Béla (Courtesy of Paul Seiler)
Adrienne Ames and Bela Lugosi- (Courtesy of Paul Seiler) - the-death-kiss-11.png
Adrienne Ames és Lugosi Béla (Courtesy of Paul Seiler)

Bela Lugosi and Alexander Carr - the-death-kiss-ps-1.png

p the-death-kiss-one-sheet.png

p the-death-kiss-mini-window-card.png

p the-death-kiss-window-card.jpg

Death Kiss - Motion Picture Herald (Dec. 24, 1932).jpg
Motion Picture Herald (Dec. 24, 1932)
Death Kiss - Motion Picture Herald (Feb. 18, 1933).png
Motion Picture Herald (Feb. 18, 1933)



The Whispering Shadow (1933)


  • Bela Lugosi … Professor Adam Anton Strang
  • Viva Tattersall … Vera Strang
  • Malcolm McGregor … Jack Foster
  • Henry B. Walthall … J.D. Bradley – Company President
  • Robert Warwick … Detective Robert Raymond
  • Ethel Clayton … The Countess Helen [Chs. 5-8]
  • Roy D’Arcy … Professor Alexis Steinbeck
  • Karl Dane … Sparks – Dispatcher
  • Lloyd Whitlock … Young – Henchman No. 3
  • Bob Kortman … Jasper Slade – The Convict
  • Lafe McKee … D.W. Jerome – Company Vice President


1933 - Whispering Shadow (1933).jpg



Viva Tattersall and Bela Lugosi make a surreptitious entrance into Lugosi’s wax museum in The Whispering Shadow.jpg
Viva Tattersall és Lugosi Béla

The Whispering Shadow 1933.jpg

Forrás: Famous Monsters of Filmland


p whispering_shadow_poster_01.jpg



Lugosi halála és temetése (1956)

1956.08.12 - With his wife hope, probably the last picture of Bela ' vivant' published on 12 August 1956 in the ' San Bernardino sun.jpg
1956.08.12 – valoszinuleg a legutolso publikalt foto Lugosirol es utolso felesegerol, Hope-rol

Lugosi Bela 1956 augusztus 16-an delutan 6 ora 45 perckor halt meg almaban. Akkoriban az 5620 Harold Way-n laktak Los Angeles-ben. Utolso felesege, Hope eppen munkabol tert haza. O talalta meg Lugosi elettelen testet. Szivinfarktus vegzett vele.

Bar Lugosi elete vegen ugy erezte a vilag teljesen megfeledkezett rola, a halala hirere a fotosok megis megjelentek es Kende Geza Lugosi-festmenyenek figyelo tekintete alatt keszitettek egy kepet arrol, amint a halottkemek elszallitjak a testet.

1956.08.16 - lugosi died at 6-45pm - undertakers-removing-belas-body - 5620 Harold Way, Los Angeles a.jpg

Hope told the press, “He was terrified of death. Towards the end he was very weary, but he was still afraid of death. Three nights before he died he was sitting on the edge of the bed. I asked him if he were still afraid to die. He told me that he was. I did my best to comfort him, but you might as well save your breath with people like that. They’re still going to be afraid of death.”

1956.08.16 - belas-death-certificate.jpg
Lugosi halotti bizonyitvanya

A sajtoban masnaptol kezdtek megjelenni a Lugosi halalrol tudosito cikkek…

1956.08.17 - Taunton Daily Gazette', Massachusetts, August 17, 1956.jpg
1956.08.17 – Taunton Daily Gazette, Massachusetts
1956.08.17 - Madera Tribune, Number 81, 17 August 1956.png
1956.08.17 – Madera Tribune
1956.08.18 - San Bernardino Sun, Volume 62, Number 303, 18 August 1956.png
1956.08.18 – San Bernardino Sun

1956.08.18 - Obituary.jpg

1956.08.18 - the-funeral-plaque-displayed-at-belas-funeral3.jpg


1956 augusztus 18-an, szombaton tartottak a szertartast a Utter-McKinley Mortuary Chapel-ben (6240 Hollywood Blvd.)

1956.08.18 - August 18, 1956- Bela Lugosi's funeral is held at Utter McKinley's Strother Hollywood Mortuary (ed wood on the left in the back as palbearer).jpg
1956.08.18 – Don Marlowe (balra, hatul) Ed Wood Jr. (jobbra, hatul)

A temetesi szertartason (tobbek kozott) reszt vettek:

  • Hope Lininger (Lugosi utolso felesege)
  • Lillian Arch (Lugosi negyedik felesege)
  • Lugosi Bela Jr. (Lugosi egyetlen fia)
  • Zoltan Korda (rendezo)
  • Steve Szekely (rendezo)
  • Scotty Beale (assistant director on Dracula, Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Raven)
  • Robert Boyle (associate art director on The Wolf Man)
  • Edward D. Wood Jr.
  • Kathy Wood (Ed Wood akkori felesege)
  • Norma McCarty (Ed Wood korabbi feleseg)
  • George Weiss (Glen or Glenda producer)
  • Forest J. Ackerman (editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland)
  • Carroll Borland (Mark of the Vampire)
  • Tor Johnson (Bride of the Monster and Plan 9 from Outer Space)
  • Paul Marco (Bride of the Monster and Plan 9 from Outer Space)
  • Conrad Brooks
  • Dudley Manlove (Plan 9 from Outer Space)
  • Loretta King (Bride of the Monster)
  • Don Marlowe (Lugosi egy korabbi ugynoke)
  • David Katzman (fiatalkori jobarat)

1956.08.18 - bela-lugosi-funeral-book-pallbearers-card-and-press-clippings.jpg

1956.08.18 - funeral-book.jpg

Moments before the casket was taken from the Utter McKinley Mortuary, Marlowe pushed aside official pallbearer Richard Sheffield, one of Bela’s teenage friends, to ensure he was photographed by the waiting press.

Lugosit vegul a Holy Cross temetoben (Culver City) helyeztek vegso nyugalomra. A nepszeru kozhiedelemmel ellentetben nem o vegrendelkezett arrol, hogy Drakula-kopenyben temessek el. Hope ugyan ezt mondta a sajtonak, de az igazsag az, hogy errol korabbi felesege, Lillian es fia Bela Jr. dontottek.

1956.08.18 - bela-photographed-by-david-katzman a3.jpg

1956.08.18 - bela-photographed-by-david-katzman a4.jpg

Lugosi vegrendelete (melyben nem emliti, hogy Drakula-kopenyeben temessek el)



The Veiled Woman (1929)



  • Lia Torá … Nanon
  • Paul Vincent … Pierre
  • Walter McGrail … Diplomatic Attaché
  • Josef Swickard … Col. De Selincourt
  • Kenneth Thomson … Dr. Donald Ross
  • André Cheron … Count De Bracchi
  • Ivan Lebedeff … Capt. Paul Fevier
  • Maude George … Countess De Bracchi
  • Lupita Tovar … Young Girl
  • Bela Lugosi … Murdered Suitor

Megjelenés ideje:

  • 1929 április 14

A film hossza:

  • 58 perc

  • Lugosi és Lupita Tovar mindketten jatszottak a kesobbi (1931-es) Dracula filmekben. Lugosi az amerikai, mig Lupita Tovar a spanyol verzioban.
  • Emmett J. Flynn elso hangos filmje.
  • Angol, francia es spanyol nyelveken is megjelent.

1929 - The Veiled Woman" (Fox-1929).jpg



Reading Eagle (1929.06.30)
Reading Eagle (1929.06.30)
The Daily Times (1929.05.1)
Evening star. [volume], October 14, 1928.png
Evening Star (1928.10.14)


Prisoners (1929)


Egy ugyved tortenete, aki beleszeret az egyik kliensebe, egy tancoslanyba, akit het honap bortonre itletek lopas miatt.



  • Forrest Halsey (Molnár Ferenc novellája alapján)


  • 87 perc


  • Corinne Griffith – Riza Riga
  • James Ford – Kessler
  • Bela Lugosi – Brotton
  • Ian Keith – Nicholas Cathy
  • Julanne Johnston – Lenke
  • Ann Schaeffer – Aunt Maria
  • Baron Hesse – Kore
  • Otto Matiesen – Sebfi
  • Harry Northrup – Prosecuting Attorney

  • Lugosi elso hangos-filmje, amelyben Brotton-t, egy becsi night club tulajdonosat alakitja.
  • A film ugy tunik eredetileg nemafilmnek indult, de kesobb dialogusokat adtak hozza a hangos filmek novekvo nepszerusegen felbuzdulva. A filmnek korulbelul 10 szazaleka tartalmaz hangot.
  • Ian Keith kesobb azok koze a szineszek koze tartozott, akiket a Universal Studios fontolgatott a Drakula szerepre, de kesobb aztan Lugosinak adtak. 1945-ben mindket szinesz szerepelt a ‘No Traveler Returns’ c. darabban.

1929 - prisoners.jpg

1929 - prisoners 1.jpg




Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 08.18.23.png

1929.05.1 - Az Est - Prisoners.png
1929.05.1 – Az Est
1929.10.5 - prisoners - Madera Tribune, Number 133, 5 October 1929.png
1929.10.5 – Madera Tribune, Number 133

Die Teufelsanbeter (aka The Devil Worshippers, 1921)


The first of three films based on the desert adventure novels of Karl May filmed by Ustad, but the third to be released, starring Carl de Vogt. Subtitled, “A film from the Orient in six chapters,” and set in the remote mountains of the Kurds, the film was a typical Karl May tale of high adventure featuring strange exotic rituals and human sacrifices. Upon its release, it was a commercial failure. Originally containing tinted scenes, the film is now considered lost.


  • Marie-Louise Droop


  • Marie-Louise Droop


  • Ertugrul Moussin-Bey


  • Carl de Vogt – Kara Ben Nemsi
  • Béla Lugosi
  • Meinhart Maur – Hadschi Halef Omar
  • Ilja Dubrowski
  • Tronier Funder – Officer of the Sultan
  • Theodor Becker
  • Otto Sommerstorf
  • Helga Hall
  • Fred Immler
  • Gustav Kirchberg
  • Erwin Báron

Production company:

  • Ustad-Film
  • Droop & Co. (Berlin)


  • Jofa-Atelier 4 Berlin-Johannisthal

  • Az elmondasok szerint 1921 januar 2-an vetitettek legeloszor a Wurzburg-i Vaters Lichtspiele-ben, az elso dokumentalt vetites 1921 jnauar 24-en volt Wilhelmsburg-ban.
  • Karl May ‘Durch die Wüste’ (Through the Desert) c. novellajanak egyik fejezete alapjan keszult.

the devil worshippers (Ustad, Berlin-1920) whose night scenes were tinted blueTDW_4_BLWTDW_2_BLWdd15f872765397cd8b50e1ed30d539a71c6a68c7632b35380301cb2bfe903f20